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What is Hearing Loss?

You may think of this as a simple question…loss of hearing, but hearing loss is much more.  Hearing loss IS a loss of one’s ability hear, but it is also a loss of communication, understanding and connection with others.  Most hearing loss is in the nerve center of the ear, but some hearing loss can be in areas that can be treated very easily by your doctor.


Can I be Helped?

My answer is always YES!  What exactly is the proper help for you is part our journey with you.  Together we will help you find out if you have a medically treatable problem or if you need hearing aids.  Whatever the solution is we are  here to walk with you to the finish line.


What’s my First Step?

Your first step is the easiest.  Simply call our office and make an appointment for a hearing test and consultation about your results.  We will take the time to explain everything and help you decide what the next step should be for you.


What if I Need a Hearing Aid?

We can help!  We work with more than just 1 manufacturer and this gives us many options to help everyone.  We will discuss your needs based on your hearing test results and your lifestyle.  Together we will choose which hearing aids will solve the problems your hearing loss is causing you, as well as which devices will fit into your budget.


What do hearing Aids Really Do?

Simply put, they amplify the world around you.  Our job is to amplify the things you need and want to hear without amplifying too many of the bothersome sounds in the world.



“To give every patient the opportunity to achieve their perfect hearing based on their own personal wants and needs regardless of their financial status.”