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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

One of the most common ailments affecting people in the United States is hearing loss. If you are experiencing a decrease in your hearing ability, the first step is to contact Rametta Audiology & Hearing Aid Center to schedule an appointment.

Hearing loss is caused by many reasons but the most common is degeneration of parts of the ear due to aging. According to the National Institutes of Health, age-related hearing loss is one of the most common conditions in older adults. However, injury and illness can cause hearing loss at any age.

Out audiologists are trained to assess your level of hearing with thorough, non-invasive tests. The evaluation is usually the first step on a patient’s road to better hearing.

Custom Earmolds and Earplugs

Hearing devices are fitted to the individual ear. All ears are unique, much like a fingerprint, and each earmold is created from your ear impression using a foam material and might include the ear canal. Earmolds hold hearing aid devices in your ear. There are several types of earmolds depending on the diagnosis.

Earplugs are designed to help reduce or eliminate sound entering the ear canal. Earplugs and earmolds are recommended for a wide variety of uses like sports, particularly hunting, shooting and swimming; attendance or work at loud music venues; or working around loud machinery.

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Hearing Aid Evaluation and Selection

The first question people ask when they are losing their ability to hear certain sounds is, “Do I need a hearing aid?” This concern increases when individuals have increased difficulty understanding speech. Age-related hearing loss is common and in nearly all cases a device can help people hear better.

The experienced staff at Rametta Audiology follow a step-by-step process to help you toward better hearing. The first step is a hearing test that takes a few minutes and is painless. Next, the audiologist evaluates the test to develop an accurate, precise plan for your needs.

Hearing aids are precise electronic instruments. The design and power of every device are recommended based on the individual needs of patients. Just like the ear, hearing loss is unique to every person.

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Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

The prospect of needing a hearing aid can be daunting, but these remarkable miniature computers are designed to be accurate and unobtrusive. Hearing devices of all types are available and your choice depends on your specific needs.

Once it is determined that you need a device, our audiologists will explain the various types of hearing aids and their use. We can also answer any questions you might have about hearing aids before you do any testing. More information is always better!

Every hearing device is custom molded to your ear. The smallest hearing aids fit entirely in the ear canal; larger devices work both in and outside the canal and behind the ear. If you purchase a hearing device, we will thoroughly test and fit it to your ear. We offer adjustments that will ensure your device is working at its optimal capability.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

Some minor hearing aid repairs can be done in the office setting in a short period of time; others will need to be sent to the manufacturer for repair. Your hearing professional can help determine what kind of a repair is necessary if you feel your hearing aid is not working properly.

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Hearing Tests

The staff at Rametta Audiology & Hearing Aid Center has a range of services to evaluate, rehabilitate and prevent hearing impairment.

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Live Speech Mapping

The loss of hearing usually means a decrease in the ability to understand speech. This is one of the top concerns we receive, “I can’t hear my friends when they talk.” Understanding speech is a unique hearing ability. Many people say they know someone is speaking but can’t understand the words. 

Speech mapping tests use a probe to accurately detect the sound heard by your ears when someone is speaking. The probe detects the exact length, width and resonance factors of your ear. 

The test is done with a friend or relative whose voice you know well. By speaking at various levels and using key words, the audiologist graphically records the results and will then start to find the best product for your needs.

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Tinnitus Evaluation and Management

Tinnitus, or “ringing in the ears,” is a condition that people experience particularly as they get older. Tinnitus is quite common. Also called a rushing, buzzing or whooshing sound, tinnitus is thought to be caused by deterioration of the tiny hairs in the middle ear that transport sound waves to the auditory nerve. 

While there are other causes for this ringing, people with the condition try to find relief in several ways. Audiologists have comprehensive treatment plans for tinnitus, and patients should contact our office to discuss options for treatment. 

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Some options include white noise machines and psychological counseling about the noise. There are hearing aid products that have a noise-masking option.