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What is the First Experience with a Hearing Aid Like?

an older hearing aid user putting a hearing device in her ear

Are you eager to know what it feels like to wear a hearing aid for the first time? Well, first-time hearing aid users usually feel weird having a device plugged in their ears. For example, some consumers report hearing strange noises after wearing their aids for the first time, including their own voices. Having said that, unless there is a severe problem elsewhere, you will easily adapt to your hearing aid with time. 

As long as you visit a solid audiologist, you should enjoy your first-time experience with hearing aids. At Rametta Hearing, expert audiologists use customized settings to tailor hearing aids to the user’s needs.

Digital hearing aids and how they feel in your ear

Although modern hearing aids are light and easy to install, it takes some time for users to get used to fixing these devices in their ears. Ideally, consumers need to choose digital hearing aids that fit properly without causing any serious discomfort to their ears. 

Thankfully, experienced audiologists can offer fitting services to ensure that hearing aids work in real life for both the young and the elderly population.

In case a hearing aid does not work effectively for you after a while, you can always revisit your audiologists for them to reprogram the device for you. However, when fitted properly, high-quality hearing aids amplify sounds to make them audible enough for users. Whether you need in-the-ear (ITE), behind-the-ear (BTE) or in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids styles, your audiologist will help you find the best fit for your hearing needs.

Why you may need a hearing aid and how to get the best 

People experiencing hearing loss problems may have to wear hearing aids to improve their hearing quality and communication with other people. However, it can be challenging for first-time users to know which hearing aid is best to invest in. 

With so many brands out there selling different models, you may have to consider a few factors before choosing your hearing aid brand. For example, a first-time user can select their hearing aid based on the severity of their condition, lifestyle, budget and probably the cause of their hearing problem.

Hearing loss conditions may not get better with time, and if you don't find out what is going on with your hearing, contact your audiologist to help you find a solution. 

When you feel like your hearing ability is diminishing, visit a nearby audiologist. They will diagnose you and help you find best hearing aid for you. 

How to improve your hearing aid experience

For first-time users, wearing a hearing aid may seem like a massive change in your lifestyle. But don't worry if you don't understand all the words you hear from day one; allow some time to get used to the device.

Allow some time to get used to your hearing device

After putting on your hearing aid for the first time, it can take a few days or weeks for you to get used to your new normal. Some noises may appear rather loud, but that can happen because your auditory system hasn't picked up such sounds for a long time.

Wear your hearing aid frequently

It's a smart idea to wear your hearing aid frequently for most of the day. Your audiologist may encourage you to regularly wear your hearing aid to speed up your journey towards getting used to your new life. If you don't often wear them, you may take a longer time to get accustomed to their effects. 

Write down your hearing experience

It's also important to write down your first-time hearing experiences. Document your experiences so that you can later discuss them with your audiologist. For instance, maybe you find it hard to hear conversations in public places as a result of background noises. Write down your hearing aid experience while it's still fresh in your mind. This way, you can accurately relay your complaints to your audiologist.

Book a hearing aid appointment with a licensed audiology center

Consulting professional audiology centers near you is the first step to overcoming your hearing challenges. Suppose you book an appointment with a licensed audiology center such as Rametta Audiology & Hearing Aid Center. In that case, expert audiologists can test you for hearing loss problems and prescribe hearing aid options for you. 

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