Hearing Aid Batteries

In order to easily complete your daily tasks, you rely on your hearing aids to help you communicate. In turn, your hearing aids depend on small button batteries to provide the power you need for your features and programs. With several hearing aid batteries to choose from, it can be difficult to understand which brand or size is right for your device, especially if you’re new to this type of technology.

At Rametta Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, we want to educate you on every aspect of your device – including the hearing aid batteries! Consider the following hearing aid battery information and use it to both power and care for your device!

Types of hearing aid batteries

Because batteries are required to power your device, it’s important to keep extra on hand in case you run out. First, find out what type of battery your hearing aid needs, which will be labeled with a number and color according to size. The most common hearing aid battery sizes are:

  • Yellow: Size 10
  • Brown: Size 312
  • Orange: Size 13
  • Blue: Size 675

These are typically universal across hearing aid battery brands, but always remember to check the packaging for color and size prior to purchasing.

Caring for hearing aid batteries

There are several recommendations that will make batteries last longer, in use or in the package. For starters, store them in a cool, dry place. Severe fluctuations in temperature – whether hot or cold – can cause a decline in battery performance. You also want to keep your batteries away from moisture because this can disturb the sealed tab that activates the device when removed. Never remove the sticky color tabs until ready to use. Always open the battery door when putting your hearing aids away for the night. This disconnects the battery from the hearing aid connector and can preserve longevity.

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries

There are hearing aids available today that operate on rechargeable technology. These can be convenient for individuals who don’t want to frequently remove and replace their batteries. Rechargeable hearing aids can be repowered overnight by using the charging dock provided with the product.

Rametta Audiology & Hearing Aid Center supplies batteries for its products or any hearing aids sold elsewhere. We offer different price-points and plans to accommodate your needs.