Hearing Tests

Get a Fuller Picture of Your Hearing

A thorough hearing test can provide clarity and understanding about the state of your hearing. The staff at Rametta Audiology & Hearing Aid Center has a range of services to evaluate, rehabilitate and prevent hearing impairment. Hearing test services include comprehensive hearing evaluation, mid ear evaluation, eardrum testing, acoustic nerve testing, otoacoustic emission, tinnitus evaluation and live speak mapping (Evaluate how your hearing aid is working in your ear).

Impedance Audiometry

This is the initial step in your hearing test. We will evaluate your ears and get an idea of how well your eardrums, the middle ear bones and a few of your ears’ reflexes are working.

Pure-Tone Audiometry

This is what many patients consider to be the “hearing test.” We will measure your hearing levels through pure tones (or beeps). We measure how loud the sound has to be before you’re aware of the sound.

Speech Audiometry

Since your loved ones don’t speak in pure tones, we check to see how well you understand words once they’re loud enough to hear. You’ll have a better idea of your hearing and the steps to take for improvement.

What to Expect From Your Test

  • Friendly staff – come in to our friendly, stress-free environment
  • Know your ears – detailed history as it relates to your hearing
  • Latest technology – an examination of your ears using the latest technology
  • Informational – an explanation of your results, so you can stay informed