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Which Are the Best Hearing Aids for Severe Loss of Hearing?

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In the US, those who are unable to hear sounds that are less than 90 decibels are considered to have a severe loss of hearing. Affecting millions of people around the world, severe hearing loss can be aided by hearing aids

So which hearing aids are the most suitable for severe hearing loss?

For this type of hearing loss, behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are the most ideal. Powerful devices, they hook over the top of your ear and rest neatly behind your ear. Within the small case, there is a receiver and a microphone which will pick up and process the sounds around you. 

The amplified sounds are then delivered through a small plastic tube into the earmold.

Generally, BTE hearing aids will hold powerful and efficient batteries that deliver better sounds than that of smaller types of hearing aids. Appropriate for all ages, they are the most popular type of hearing aid globally.

Types of BTE hearing aids

BTE hearing aids are available in a variety of colors and designs, customized to fit your unique needs. Featuring various degrees of power, battery types and controls, you’re able to find the perfect hearing aid for you. The most common types of BTE hearing aids are:

Receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids

Designed in an open-fit style, RIC hearing aids feature a powerful built in speaker, microphone and processor and sit neatly within the ear canal. Offering exceptional sound quality, they are built for convenience, with newer models featuring a rechargeable battery and wireless connectivity. 

Behind the ear with earmold 

The most common type of BTE hearing aid features an earmold. Neatly following the contour behind your ear, they can easily be adjusted and are ideal for both severe and moderate hearing loss. More discreet than the RITE hearing aid, they can be created so that they are invisible or match your skin tone.

Benefits of BTE hearing aids

There are many benefits that you can reap from BTE hearing aids, including the following:

  • Their versatility: As they can cater for all types of hearing loss and can be designed specifically for severe hearing loss, they are easily one of if not the most versatile type of hearing aid available on the market today.
  • They are incredibly powerful: Due to their clever design, they can hold big, powerful batteries. This results in a greater processing power and higher amplification levels. Not only does this make it perfect for those experiencing severe hearing loss, but it makes them generally more functional to the wearer. 
  • Easy to clean: As they tend to sit outside of the ear and are larger than other types, they are very easy to clean in comparison to in-ear varieties.
  • Easy to use: A big benefit that comes with BTE hearing aids is that they are very easy to use. Whether you choose a BTE hearing aid that’s controlled by sliders, a series of buttons or external controls they are built for convenience in mind. 
  • Easy to handle: Because of their size and their location on the ear, BTE devices are easier to handle for individuals with dexterity issues. Whether you are cleaning and maintaining your hearing aid, inserting or removing it for the day, or changing the batteries, this hearing aid offers an easier user experience.

Your audiologist's actions 

If you’re noticing a change in your hearing or believe that you have severe hearing loss, it’s vital that you contact an audiologist today. During this initial consultation, they will be able to test your hearing and determine the extent of the loss. 

If you’re experiencing a severe loss of hearing, a BTE hearing aid may be recommended. In your fitting consultation, your audiologist will program your hearing aid for you, before testing it for safety and ensuring that it accurately amplifies sounds. An invaluable evaluation, it will make sure that your BTE hearing aid is adjusted to suit your requirements. 

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